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As a diverse team, we believe strongly in the power of community and we know that working together is the very best way to make ideas happen.

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Strength In Diversity

We partner with diversity-owned businesses as well as diverse artists, freelancers, and suppliers
in order to support diverse entrepreneurs and keep as much economic value as possible in our local economy.

Director of Sourcing & Procurement

Christine Hau

Christine is a woman of her own. She has a masters degree in theology, but got into international trade and manufacturing. She once ran a faucet factory of 800 in China. With years of experience in product procurement and manufacturing, Christine manages our supply chain to ensure we always deliver on our promises.

Director of Growth

James Hart

As a theater major in college, James knows it takes the whole crew to put on a good show. Years of experience in account management reinforced that belief. With his small town charm and meticulous personality, James is the guardian of our community of artists, creators, and business owners.

Director of Operations

Tory Mitchell

Tory is the one that makes sure bills are paid and goods are delivered. He has a long history of running operations in his career, from student dormitories to pharmacies to managing a long-term care facility. With his ability to steer calmly over operation crisis, real or imaginary, Tory is the guy our clients can count on.

Managing Director

Shane Ouyang

Shane is our “system maintenance”. His experiences in different industries, from publishing to advertising to manufacturing to software development, have trained him to quickly figure out a process to thrive in a new situation. Shane oversees internal processes and resources to ensure Townie Branding is on top of its game for our clients.

Director of Revenue

Jim Parsell

With more than a decade of experience in the logistics industry, Jim knows what keeps businesses running. He watches costs and bottom line. He thinks two steps ahead of potential road bumps. He calculates inventory needs. Jim doesn’t want to sell stuff, rather he wants to help our clients build their business.