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Our mission is to help create positive experiences through products that promote a sense of belonging and identity centered around your brand and its values.

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We Bring Ideas To Life

With combined two decades of experience,
we provide you the necessary support to execute ambitious projects
from concept to completion.


We hand select from thousands of products so that they are perfectly tailored for your audience.


Every item we offer is uniquely suited so that your brand can be applied to make the greatest impact.


We pride ourselves in offering a narrower selection of products, picked for their timeless quality.

Chase Williams, Mammoth Brewing

Townie reached out to us at a great time as we were looking to carry sunglasses here in our Tasting Room. They helped us design and get the sunglasses on our shelves as quickly as possible!

Shelly, Peticolas Brewing

“Fantastic with communication, quick responses, and we had no issues getting exactly what we had envisioned.”

Jeremy Tofte, Melvin Brewing

We have had great success working with Townie. They are great at communicating and designing what we are looking for. Melvin will continue to develop a relationship with them for years to come.


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